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John Newton Slave ship Captain turned Preacher and Abolitionist.
"I once was blind but now I see" Amazing Grace, later a civil rights anthem, written by Newton.

Captain William Bligh.
"The ship was named the Bounty" Diary entry 1787.
Bread Fruit Trees were transplanted from the South Seas to the Caribbean becoming a staple of the plantation slaves' diet.

Quaker Woman.
"The case of our fellow creatures the oppressed Africans". Quaker pamphlet.

Admiral Benbow.
"Here lieth the body of... a true pattern of English courage" Monument in Jamaica. Benbow died in the battle for Jamaica.

William Wilberforce with the Reverend Ramsay’s servant Nestor.
Wilberforce and Nestor listen to Ramsay’s evidence on the evils of the Slave Trade. Ramsay was the inspiration of campaigners like Thomas Clarkson.

William Wilberforce.
 Leader of the Abolitionist Campaign in Parliament.
 "We cannot turn aside so as to avoid seeing it...Let us make reparations to Africa".

Captain John Hawkins. Originator of the English Slave Trade.
"Now had we obtained between four and five hundred seek the coast of the West Indies" Diary entry 1567.

An Antiguan planter’s slave policy was "to wear them out…; and then to buy new ones, to fill up their places"

Quaker meeting.
"The case for abolition of this ungodly trade" Quaker pamphlet.

Quobna Ottobah Cugoano
"The poorest of England would not change their situation for that of slaves" Cugoano writer and abolitionist.

Captain Bligh and plantation slave in rehearsal game.


Olaudah Equiano. Ex-slave, sailor, explorer, writer and abolitionist.
"Many died, thus falling victims to the improvident avarice as I may call it of their purchasers."

An African Prince.
"Until Lions have their own historians, the story of the hunt will always glorify the hunter".

The Director and his Assistant Director.
"Assistant: Now Hollywood actor Danny Glover makes his plans to make of movie of Toussaint L'Ouverture" Script Blood Sugar.

Members of the cast at Queen's House.

A rehearsal game at Queen's House.

Song rehearsal.

Cast pose in contemporary mode.

Portrait of a cast member in the portrait gallery.

Complete cast portrait.

The performance from above.

Performance from above.

Technicians set up.  


Quaker Woman.
"Its terrors have fallen on the innocent" Abolitionist Pamphlet.

"But there is no slave holder who would like to have himself enslaved"

Lady in waiting (the Tour Guide)
"Queen Anne caused this Palace (The Queen’s House) to be built as a palace of delights."

Ignatius Sancho; Ex Slave, businessman, writer and composer.
"The cursed avidity for wealth urged these first such acts of deception - and even wanton cruelty."

Queen Elizabeth 1st.
In whose reign the British Slave Trade began.

Plantation Slave
"At four o'clock in the morning the plantation bell rings to call the slaves to the fields".

Slave Ship Crewman.
"Edward Rushden a young crew man out of Liverpool did what he could for the victims. Made blind as a result he become a fervent abolitionist and founded the Liverpool School for the Blind." Script Blood Sugar.

Plantation Slave.
"Often wished that I could escape this cruel bondage and be at rest in my grave" Mary Prince the first woman to publish the story of her slavery.

Plantation Slaves.
"Tell old Pharoh to let my people go!" Negro Spiritual, Go Down Moses.

Members of the cast on the terrace of the Queen's House.