Learning Resources

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Part 1 - Welcome! and Contents
Introduction: what you will find in this pack
National Curriculum links.

Part 2 - Information sheet: Deptford and the dockyards

Part 3 - Information sheets: Key people with local links
John Hawkins and Francis Drake
Samuel Pepys
John Evelyn
Captain William Bligh
Black people who lived in South London
Merchants and traders in Blackheath
Ignatius Sancho
Olaudah Equiano
Joseph Hardcastle
Francis Barber
Women in South London who campaigned for abolition

Part 4 - Sources of evidence: maps, pictures,
documents and objects

Part 5 - Voices of the Slave Trade: monologues written
by students

Part 6 - Teaching suggestions
Using the information sheets
Using the sources of evidence
Other activities
The Songs - their purpose in the production and potential
as teaching tools
The Images - suggestions using drama improvisations
Example of a scheme of work for Btec Drama Students

Part 7 - Further information
Places to visitOlaudah Equiano
Book list
Useful websites